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about vAndi~*
23 years old.100% HongKong-ese girl who currently live in NYC. This site is all about fangirl posts and gifs that I made. u can use them in anyway that u wish to, and credit is not a must. I'd love to make friends with all of u who shares the same fandom with me, especially NewYorkers and HongKongers. Free feel to friend me=]
KAT-TUN, akanishi jin, kamenashi kazuya, SPEED, ayase haruka, YUI, ORANGE RANGE, ueno juri, yoshitaka yuriko, yamashita tomohisa, keiko kitagawa, last friends, anego, nobuta wo produce, buzzer beat, SMAP x SMAP, cartoon KAT-TUN, HEYx3, Music Station, Utaban
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